01. You can [rely] on Francis to do the job well; she is an excellent worker.
02. You can depend on Donald to be on time because he's so [reliable].
03. Trevor's truck is old and [unreliable].
04. He doesn't have a car, so he always [relies] on his friends to give him a lift when they go out.
05. [Reliability] is a characteristic which employers consider extremely important.
06. Too much [reliance] on last minute cramming for exams might cause you some trouble when you start university.
07. The bus service in this city is very [reliable], so you shouldn't have any trouble getting around.
08. There is a Japanese proverb which states that you should never [rely] on the glory of the morning or the smiles of your mother-in-law.
09. Microsoft head Bill Gates once said that often, you just have to [rely] on your intuition.
10. At present, no [reliable] world population estimate exists for killer whales.
11. Home pregnancy tests are inexpensive and [reliable] when done correctly.
12. In the future, we will have to [rely] more on alternate energy sources.
13. Providing that a sample has been carefully selected, [reliable] and valid inferences can be drawn about the larger population.
14. So far, scientists have been unable to predict earthquakes with a high degree of [reliability].
15. Cheetahs [rely] on a burst of speed to catch swift prey such as gazelles.
16. The people of Bangladesh are heavily [reliant] on agriculture.
17. Railways are the most [reliable] form of commercial transportation in Uganda.
18. Studies suggest that estimates of the number of child workers worldwide are totally [unreliable].
19. He always [relied] on his wife to support him when things got tough at work.
20. I'm tired of [relying] on friends for a ride to school. I want to buy my own car.
21. We are [reliably] informed that you are considering a position at a different firm.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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